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You Can Do This!

At Knopman Marks, we believe that we are in this together. Our success as an organization depends on your success on this exam. That is why we make it our mission to help you be successful! We are here to help you get started, map out a strategy that works for your life, and to be there throughout the entire process until you pass.

Start today. Download our step by step guide to prepare for your FINRA Exam:

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A visionary in the financial education and training industry who believes business growth must be tech-forward but human first. Liza is energized by the opportunity to evolve every aspect of a company not only to keep up, but to lead the way in employee engagement, digital transformation, intentional UX and design, and thoughtful client experiences. Her leadership style is rooted in the relationship between success and joy, and she is passionate about inspiring everyone, especially young women, to find success and fulfillment in the financial industry.