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  • Our mission is to deliver training and coaching that sets the bar for the industry, and helps our students succeed at every turn.  
  • We have helped thousands of candidates pass their licensing examinations on the first attempt, and our pass rates are consistently above the industry average.
  • Knopman Marks delivers unrivaled exam preparation while inspiring personal and professional growth in the financial industry. For 30 years we’ve helped students pass their exams and reach their goals.
  • We help people unlock their potential through our programming and resources and instill confidence through science-backed techniques. We bring fun into the classroom and make dry content come to life. We believe that enthusiasm and thoughtful instruction makes a difference in student engagement, and that confidence drives performance, which is why 95 % of our students pass their exams on their first try.

We promise to:  
    •    Deliver exceptional training, content, and service—to every student, every time. 
    •    Motivate students to own the process—during exam prep and beyond. 
    •    Bring joy into the experience and delight our students beyond their expectations.
    •    Cultivate a growth mindset in our students and ourselves.

An Integrated Approach to Learning 
  • Tech-Forward UX
    We have collected more than16 billion student data points and use that information to continually update design and UX in our Training Center so form and function are best serving our students.

  • Top-Notch Content
    We are constantly updating our textbooks, video lectures, supplemental materials and website to reflect the latest rule updates and ensure that our students are in the best position to pass their exams.

  • Expert Instructors
    Our faculty has over 100 years of combined teaching experience and tremendous passion for our students’ success.

  • Performance Coaching
    We motivate our students to own the process and bring joy to their journey with our energy and dedication to lifelong learning.
Driven by our Core Beliefs
  • We invest in our team
    The well-being of our people is our top priority. This allows us to better serve our clients day in and day out, year after year. That means our staff can take an awesome vacation that helps them refresh and come up with new ideas. Or have time to attend their child’s soccer games. Or work remotely as needed. We are continuously finding new solutions to take care of our team and keep all of us moving forward.

  • We celebrate entrepreneurship
    This company was founded with courage and the vision to set out into unchartered waters. We have grown only by doing the same. We solve problems, invent, test, take risks, create and recreate ourselves to grow and never stop improving. Trying something new and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone is applauded.

  • We set the bar high
    We don’t believe in bare minimum and we aren’t satisfied with being good. We strive for greatness—as individuals and as a company. We go above and beyond—for our students, for our clients and for each other. We don’t accept “fine” work or “okay” results. Instead, we push ourselves and our students so we can both reach our full potential. 

  • We focus on the results
    We are laser focused on our goals and strive to produce exceptional and innovative work. But being busy is not the same as producing results. We care about the outcomes, not the hours. You can see this in our pass rates and the satisfaction of our students.

  • We bring the joy
    When we stop expecting circumstances or other people to give us joy, and instead each own the responsibility to bring joy into our work and our encounters with others, it allows us to operate at our peak level.
Commitment to Diversity

Knopman Marks is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business. We’re taking steps small and large to shape a more inclusive company and financial community. We’re proud to train candidates from around the world who bring unique perspectives and cultures to the financial industry. 

“As the new CEO of Knopman Marks, I am committed to driving meaningful change in our industry and under our roof. Our vision is to inspire a diverse generation of financial professionals to thrive. We operate from the core belief that education has the power to transform people’s lives and help everyone reach higher.”  - Liza Strieff, CEO 

Work under way:  

  • SIE Scholarship program for underrepresented candidates who aspire to join the industry  
  • Diverse recruitment at all levels of Knopman Marks  
  • Commitment to developing and advancing female leaders  
  • Internal diversity and inclusion development programs  
  • Financial support to organizations that have made it their mission to bring more diversity to the industry   
  • Reimagining traditional training methods to help people from all backgrounds realize their potential and thrive  
Over 30 Years of Industry-Leading Service
Over 30 Years of Industry-Leading Service

Founded by Financial Professionals

Knopman Marks Financial Training was established in 1991 by Harvey Knopman. With extensive domestic and international securities training and development experience, Mr. Knopman designed a broad range of training programs that prepared more than 100,000 students for licensing examinations, 95% of whom passed on their first attempt. Our current president Brian Marks and CEO Liza Streiff are now at the helm, leading Knopman Marks into the future of learning. 

A Long History of Student Success
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