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Pass the first time! Knopman Marks offers an industry-leading training package with a 96% first-time pass rate for this exam. Our FINRA Series 79 Top-Off Exam training course includes comprehensive study materials as well as instructor guidance that you can access throughout your study journey. This training course will instill you with the confidence needed to pass your first time around!

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Series 79 Top-Off Exam Prep Course
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Our unique set of diagnostic, benchmark, and practice tests can accurately predict your readiness level and your likeliness of passing the actual exam
99% of candidates who pass our Series 79 benchmark exam on the first try pass the actual exam.
99% of candidates who average between 65% - 70% on their first 500 Series 79 practice questions pass the actual exam on the first try.
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Our comprehensive course includes everything you
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Access to the online Training Center, your digital study hub full of proprietary KM study guides, videos, and more
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Series 79 Top-Off Course Curriculum
Lesson 1
Introduction, Securities Registration, Underwriting & SEC Filing
Lesson 2
Financial Statements & Valuation
Lesson 3
Mergers & Acquisitions, Tenders & Bankruptcy
Lesson 4
Series 79 Flashcards (All Topics & Individual Lessons)
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Exam Details
About the Series 79 Top-Off Exam
Exam Format
75 graded multiple-choice + 10 experimental, ungraded questions
2 hours and 30 minutes
Passing Score
Recommended Study Time
50 to 75 hours
”Everything on the exam was something I saw in some capacity, whether it was in the video notes or in the class summary. I think the program is solid and more than enough to get candidates into shape in such a short amount of time.”
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Series 79 Top-Off FAQ
Can I take a break during the exam?

There is no break during the exam. You are permitted to use the bathroom, but the clock will not stop.

Can I take the Series 79 Top-Off Exam if I am not sponsored?

You must be sponsored by a FINRA member firm in order to take the actual examination.

How soon after the class should I take my exam?

If you come to class having read the material you should give yourself about one week to complete practice exams after the conclusion of the program before taking the examination.  If you have not read the material before coming to class you will need more time after class ends.

Should I expect to use the full time allotted on the Series 79 Top-Off Exam?

Time management is important on the Series 79, given that there are a number of multi-step math questions which take time to work through.  Though most people are able to finish the exam, you should expect to use most of the time and might not have time to review questions marked for review. The pacing to follow on the exam is 20 questions every 30 minutes. This will ensure you finish with some additional time for review.

Should I read the book before class?

Though it is not mandatory to read the material before coming to class, doing so will enable you to reinforce the concepts discussed in the book.  If you have not read the material prior to class you will need more time after class to prepare before you take the examination.

What is the usual study time for this exam for the typical student?

Assuming you are working full time while preparing for the examination, you should allow yourself two to three weeks to read through the material and another two to three weeks to complete practice exams.  You should attend the live class, watch the online KIT or receive private instruction one to two weeks prior to the examination.   The total study time is typically four to six weeks.

How does the difficulty of your practice questions compare to the difficulty of the questions I am likely to see on the actual exam?

The online exams are about the same level of difficulty as the actual exam, so any score in the mid-70s online is good.  The diagnostic exams are the same level of difficulty as the actual exam, so you should be scoring in the mid- to high-70s on those exams. 

How many questions should I complete on the practice exams before I take the Series 79 Top-Off Exam?

You should plan on completing at least 1,000 Series 79 practice questions, plus the diagnostic exams and the supplemental online math questions, prior to taking the exam.  If your scores are not within passing range at that point, you can work on the unit practice questions online.

How should I incorporate the diagnostic exams into my prep?

There are four diagnostic exams, available online.  These exams should be staggered with the practice exams so that for every 250 questions you complete online, you complete one diagnostic exams. The diagnostic exams are very close in difficulty to the actual exam, so they should be completed closed book in one sitting. You should not do any of the diagnostic exams until you are within two weeks or less of taking the examination. You should complete the benchmark exam 2-3 days before your scheduled exam date.

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