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Series 7 Top-Off: General Securities Representative Exam Training

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FINRA Series 7 Top-Off Exam Prep & Study Materials

Prepare for the new FINRA Series 7 Top-Off Exam with our industry-leading training package. Get access to the most extensive on-demand course available for the new exam, plus personal attention from an instructor. The redesigned Series 7 Top-Off course includes new supplements to help you drill deeper on options and suitability concepts.

This exam is a requirement for persons who solicit and transact business in securities for broker-dealers.

Our Current Pass Rate is 95%

Course Includes:

  • Textbook (Physical & Electronic Versions)
  • Online & Printable Practice Exams (2,200+ questions with rationales and textbook reference)
  • 15+ hours of Video Lectures (20 Lessons)
  • 900 Digital Flashcards
  • Mobile App for offline training (iPhone & iPad)
  • Downloadable Study Supplements (Class summaries, worksheets on options, margin, suitability, and retirement plans)
  • Pre-built Diagnostic, Suitability, and Benchmark Exams
  • Personal Instructor Support
  • Step-by-step Study Guidance

New Series 7 Curriculum:

Lesson 1 Account Types
Lesson 2 Suitability
Lesson 3 Equities
Lesson 4 Debt Securities
Lesson 5 Corporate Debt Securities
Lesson 6 Municipal Debt Securities
Lesson 7 Treasury Securities
Lesson 8 Investment Companies
Lesson 9 Insurance Products
Lesson 10 Options
Lesson 11 Other Managed Products
Lesson 12 Other Products CMO
Lesson 13 Portfolio Analysis
Lesson 14 Risks Disclosures
Lesson 15 Handling Customer Accounts
Lesson 16 Order Types and Customer Accounts
Lesson 17 Processing Orders
Lesson 18 Complaint Resolution
Lesson 19 Communications with the Public
Lesson 20 New Issues, Exemptions, & Wrap-Up


About the Exam:

  • Number of Questions: 125 graded multiple-choice + 10 ungraded questions
  • Time to Complete: 3 hours and 45 mins
  • Passing Score: 72%
  • Co-requisite: SIE Exam
  • Recommended Study Time: 75 to 100 hours

Study Guidance:

Content Outline:


"I passed! Thank you for your guidance and help! You've been an amazing instructor and presenter, really enjoyed being in your classes!"

Christina N.

Think this training took what other training materials make seem like a daunting task and allows it to become more manageable and understandable. 

Alec P.

Training was extremely helpful. Concepts were clarified and every question we had was thoroughly explained. I feel more confident studying the material.

Eloise R.

I think the material is presented really well. The videos are a perfect supplement to the book. Thank you very much. I can see why there is a high pass rate. 

Daniel G.