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FINRA Series 66 Exam Prep & Study Materials

The Series 66 Exam is required by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) and administered by FINRA. It qualifies candidates for state registration as investment advisor representatives if they have also passed the Series 7.

Course Includes:

  • Series 66 Textbook (Physical & Electronic Versions)
  • Online & Printable Practice Exams
  • 14+ hrs of Video Lectures (15 Lessons)
  • Digital Flashcards
  • Mobile App for offline training (iPhone & iPad)
  • Downloadable Class Supplements
  • Personal Instructor Support

About the Exam:

Number of Questions: 100 scored questions (plus 10 ungraded experimental questions).
Exam Structure: 1 session covering all topics. All questions are multiple choice.
Prerequisites: None; however, a valid S7 registration is also required for registration as an investment advisor representative
Time to Complete: 150 minutes
Passing Score: 73% (73 correct)
Recommended Study Time: 80-100 hours

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Series 66 Exam Tips:

Series 66 Content Outline: 

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