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What All Access Pass Can Do for You

Looking for an edge to pass your Series 7 exam?

Check out our All Access Pass, our highest level of training support. It offers interactive, targeted review sessions; single-topic micro lessons in our Video Vault; a workbook; and a blend of in-person and recorded lessons.

Designed to give you the tools you need to thrive, All Access Pass will help you walk into your exam with confidence.

Want to know how to make the most of your All Access Pass? Check out our guide here.


Need help solving the questions likely to appear on your exam?

Attend our topical and general review sessions led by our experienced faculty. They break down the most frequently misunderstood concepts on the Series 7 exam. See our instructors tackle study questions, explain thorny topics in new ways, and highlight the material you need to know.


Don’t know how to pace yourself throughout your studies?

Utilize our Blended Learning option to stay accountable and on track. This approach combines instructor check-ins with your own independent review of video recordings and study materials. Pause, rewind, and fast-forward our video content at your pace, while our faculty reviews critical points and answers any questions you may have.


Want to hack note-taking strategies?

Our Workbook was developed to set you up for success. With diagrams, definitions, and problems as well as plenty of room in the margins to jot down notes, you will find diverse ways to learn the material. Each workbook contains our Key Concepts, supplements, and worksheets to take your learning offline.


Do you prefer highly specific mini-lessons?

Our Video Vault offers videos that last only a few minutes so that you can unpack a single topic quickly. Looking for a different angle to understand a problem? Watch these short-form videos to unlock complex concepts.


Are you wondering how you’re measuring up?

While you can see your progress and performance in our Training Center, there’s no substitute for expert insights. Leverage our faculty’s years of experience to get the reassurance – and if necessary, the course corrections to ensure your success on exam day.


Feeling alone in your study journey?

Let us provide some company. We know the Series 7 can feel daunting. But with All Access Pass, you can join classes with others studying the same material. Our instructors are eager to assist and motivate you. They provide the knowledge you need to pass your exam and the motivation to help you keep at it.



Nikola Ristic is a Marketing Analyst at Knopman Marks Financial Training.