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The Best Way to Study for Your Series 7 Exam: All Access Pass

Boost your Series 7 training with our highest level of support and flexibility, the All Access Pass.

Add our premium All Access Pass to unlock targeted micro lessons available 24/7 and faculty guidance when you need it most. Our All Access Pass for Series 7 supercharges your training, maximizing your exam readiness for the Series 7.


What’s included in All Access Pass?

  • Interactive, Targeted Review Sessions: Live-streamed review sessions covering the most highly tested topics and FAQs from candidates. Dive into challenging content with an experienced instructor and have your questions answered on the spot.
  • Single-Topic Micro Videos: Unlock our Video Vault for 24/7 access to our targeted takes on the most challenging individual topics and practice questions. Broken down by our faculty, these highly focused mini-lessons promote active learning.
  • Super-Charged Study Companion: The printed, spiral-bound workbook is your go-to study companion for enhanced retention. Boost your exam prep course with class slides, Key Concepts, exam supplements, and worksheets included in your workbook.
  • Blended Learning: Our faculty-led blended learning sessions promote accountability and focus. They offer a mix of video lectures candidates can watch at their own pace and live sessions where our faculty drills into the material.


The All Access Pass

While our standard training covers all you need to know to pass your exam, All Access Pass enhances your learning experience with additional use cases, deep dives into highly tested topics, and direct access to our experienced faculty, giving you our highest level of support.

With All Access Pass, you not only have the tools you need to pass the Series 7 exam, but it ensures that you develop a robust understanding of the material that will serve you throughout your career.


Take Control of How You Study with All Access Pass

All Access Pass gives you the flexibility to study your way. Whether you take advantage of our targeted resources for independent study, enroll in review sessions with our knowledgeable faculty, or combine a little of both, our All Access Pass allows you to tailor your training experience to how you learn best. See how AAP can help you when you need it most here.


How to Add All Access Pass

  1. Navigate to the live training tab in the Training Center.
  2. Click on: “Add Live Training.”
  3. Proceed to checkout.

Need help adding All Access Pass? Please reach out to [email protected]



Alexandra Pemueller is a Brand Manager at Knopman Marks Financial Training.