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Study Essentials: The Fundamentals to Pass Your FINRA Exams
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Want to level-up every minute, every hour of studying?

Study Essentials is a series of videos that supercharge your study process. We equip candidates with tools and science-backed techniques to accelerate learning, build confidence, and drive performance.

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Become a higher performer by mastering your mindset.
active learning with spaced repetition.
Prioritize the fundamentals to improve focus.
Study Essentials
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When it comes to securities exam training, we do things differently. We’ve proven that training the whole person empowers all students to pass their exam and thrive in their career.
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What’s included:
Study Essentials video lessons include everything you need to maximize your study prep:
Lesson 1: High-Performance Prep. Discover how to study more in less time with the good V.I.B.E.S. approach.
Lesson 2: Active Learning. Boost learning with study blocks, spaced repetition, and memory hacks.
Lesson 3: The Fundamentals. Make the most of the body-brain connection with physical activity, rest, and recovery.
Study Essentials
(Free with KM courses) Course Curriculum
Lesson 1
Lesson 1: High-Performance Prep
Lesson 2
Lesson 2: Active Learning
Lesson 3
Lesson 3: The Fundamentals
Lesson 4
How To's (Best Practices For Your Study Efforts)
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Leslie P.
”No joke. I needed Dave Meshkov when I was 7 years old. The vibes presentation just changed my life. Unbelievable stuff. It all makes so much sense. Thank you again!”
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How is the Study Essentials course different from your usual training courses?

Study Essentials helps you study more efficiently and effectively. You will learn how to super charge your study process with memory hacks, time blocks, and more. There is no textbook or exam. Instead, you will apply the techniques you learn in Study Essentials to your FINRA exam prep with us. 

When should I take Study Essentials?

We recommend that you take the Study Essentials course before you begin a securities training course with us. Study Essentials is a three-session course that can be completed in one hour. You may want to revisit the course halfway through your training if you run into roadblocks while studying and want to get back on track.

Where do I find the Study Essentials course?

In your Training Center with your other courses.

What is the biggest advantage of completing Study Essentials?

This course will make every hour that your study more effective. You will not only study smarter, but you will learn techniques to improve your concentration and memorization as well as your self-case so that you perform better. 

Is the Study Essentials course worth an hour of study time?

Yes. The one hour you spend completing the Study Essentials course will save you many hours of study time. This course is a time saver. You will come out ahead. 

Is Study Essentials a live or pre-recorded course?

The course is offered live once a month to anyone who has purchased All Access Pass. The pre-recorded course is available anytime in our video library to those who have purchased a standard package.

How many sessions is Study Essentials?

The course consists of three sessions that you can complete in one hour.

Do I need to watch the course before starting every exam prep journey (e.g., SIE and then again before S7 and then again before S66)?

The Study Essentials course content does not change based on the exam you are preparing for. If you found the content helpful, you may want a refresher before starting to prep for another exam. 


Is there a charge for Study Essentials?

Study Essentials is included free of charge with the purchase of any KM training. Pre-recorded sessions are available in the Training Center. Live sessions are available each month to anyone who purchases All Access Pass. 

If I buy a Knopman Marks course, is Study Essentials automatically included?

Yes, video lectures are included free of charge.  

Are there tests or a textbook?

You will not need a textbook and there are no tests. The course consists of three sessions that you can complete in one hour. 

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