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The Series 63 Exam is required by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) and administered by FINRA. It qualifies candidates for state registration as securities agents based on knowledge and understanding of state securities laws and regulations.

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Series 63 Course Curriculum
Lesson 1
Introduction to the Series 63 Exam
Lesson 2
Registration of Persons
Lesson 3
Registration of Securities
Lesson 4
The Administrator
Lesson 5
Ethics and Communicating with Customers
Lesson 6
State Law Review
Lesson 7
Wrap up
Lesson 8
Series 63 Video Lectures [Spanish Subtitles]
Lesson 9
Series 63 Flashcards (All Topics & Individual Lessons)
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View Full Curriculum
Exam Details
About the Series 63 Exam
Exam Format
60 graded multiple-choice + 5 experimental, ungraded questions
1 hour and 15 minutes
Passing Score
Recommended Study Time
20 to 25 hours
”I think it’s fairly common to think KM is the gold standard.”
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Series 63 FAQ
Can I take the Series 63 Exam if I am not sponsored?

Yes. You are not required to have a sponsor to take the Series 63 Exam.

How often is the Series 63 Exam given?

The exam is offered every day, including Saturdays and Sundays at some testing centers.

Is All Access Pass (AAP) the only way I can get live training?

Yes. The AAP is the only way our students can attend live (or live-streamed) training and review sessions, with more expert instruction, guidance, coaching, and support through the most heavily tested and difficult concepts.



Are the slides and material covered in the All Access Pass classes different from what’s covered in the video lectures?

The live-class slides are the same slides shown in the videos, representing the best distillation of the content we offer. The advantage of the recordings is that you can watch them on your own schedule, and you can speed up or replay material. The advantage of having an instructor deliver the information life is the student-teacher connection that offers the most nuanced test insights, including real-world examples, performance-enhancing tips, questions from other students, and even jokes.

How do I schedule the Series 63 Exam?

You can schedule the exam through your compliance/registration department. Once they have opened a window for you, if they instruct you to schedule the exam on your own, you can schedule on the phone or online with Prometric Testing: (800) 578-6273 or www.prometric.com

How many questions should I complete on the Series 63 practice exams before I take the exam?

You should plan on completing at least 520 practice questions online, plus the benchmark exam, prior to taking the Series 63 Exam. If your scores are not within passing range at that point, you may need to complete more questions.

How soon after the class should I take my Series 63 Exam?

You should plan on taking the Series 63 Exam two to three days after the class ends.

Should I expect to use the full time allotted on the Series 63 Exam?

Most students are able to finish the exam within the allotted time, without being rushed.

Should I read the Series 63 book before class?

The Series 63 License Exam Manual is quite short. As a result, we recommend you read the entire book before class so you can take the exam shortly after the class ends.

What is the usual study time for the Series 63 Exam?

Assuming you are working full time while preparing for the examination, you should allow yourself one week to read through the material and another week to complete practice exams. You should attend the live class or watch the online videos the week prior to your exam. The total study time is typically one to two weeks.

When should I take the Series 63 benchmark exam?

You should complete the benchmark exam, closed book, one or two days prior to your scheduled exam date.

How does the difficulty of your practice questions compare to the difficulty of the questions I am likely to see on the actual Series 63 Exam?

The Qbank questions are slightly easier than the actual exam, so you should be scoring in the low 80s prior to taking the exam. You should score at least 75% on the benchmark exam. Also, the questions on the exam may seem more vague and wordy than the practice questions. As long as you focus on the concepts and don't second guess yourself, you will be able to answer the questions correctly on the exam.

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