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All Access Pass: Live Training Every Step of the Way

The theme of greater access shapes many of Knopman Marks’ key 2021 initiatives, starting with the launch of All Access Pass, notes CEO Liza Streiff. Read our Q&A with Streiff below to learn why she believes this new offering, which includes more live-streamed training and interactive review sessions, will provide students with more access to exam success.

What aspect of All Access Pass stands out most for you?

We know how challenging and stressful studying for FINRA exams can be. Students often have a lot riding on passing their exams, including keeping their jobs. We’re always looking for new ways to offer additional support. I’m especially excited about this chance for our students to experience even more expert instruction as well as guidance and coaching. I think the group onboarding calls are particularly helpful because they make sure all students start training off right. They ensure students will never wonder where to begin, or whether they understand what’s ahead. That’s all spelled out very clearly from the start.

“For the same price as a regular live class, with All Access Pass you’re now getting so much more access—to our world-class faculty, to unlimited live-streamed review sessions for a year, and to more choice about the approach that works best with your schedule.”


What’s included in Knopman Marks’ All Access Pass?

All Access Pass is a training journey that starts with the group onboarding call mentioned above and includes live-streamed review sessions every other week to drill students on the most heavily tested topics. The interactive review sessions give students a chance to ask questions and get answers in real time. These virtual sessions are available to students throughout their training with us, so they will never feel adrift or alone in the process. Students can choose traditional faculty-led classes or blended classes that include both on-demand recorded lectures and scheduled, live-streamed, faculty-led coaching sessions on the material that was covered in the videos. This way students can have both flexibility and structure.

How can someone decide whether All Access Pass is right for them?

I think All Access Pass can benefit everyone, which is why I’m so excited to introduce this option. Do you want onboarding to get started the right way, and to then pick and choose what works with your schedule for an entire year? Do you want real-time Q&A opportunities? What about both flexibility and structure? Much like an accountability partner, All Access Pass makes sure our students stay on track.

How should I use blended classes?

The Blend offers students self-paced review of video lectures, along with scheduled, instructor-led, live-streamed review sessions. Instructors pinpoint critical test topics and improve test-taking skills and retention with gamification, interactive polling, and expert tips and strategies. The Blend’s dynamic environment allows students to learn with peers and enjoy the process.

Even if a student has already reviewed the video lectures, the Blend creates a structure to help identify areas of weakness through three scheduled faculty-led sessions each day. Students can also post questions and benefit from the questions of peers. I’m excited about the fact that whether it’s a first or second round of review, the Blend format will help students master critical test concepts and boost their test-taking skills.

How can I mix and match elements of All Access Pass?

To make the most of All Access Pass, students can consider attending a Blend early in their study process. It will give them a guided tour through the most heavily tested content. Then they can come back for a two-day class as last-stage reinforcement.

You can mix and match All Access Pass events for maximum value, and attend as many as you like, as often as you like, over a year. If you learn best from instructor-led training, this flexible menu of events offers this option.

How does the material presented in the pre-recorded videos differ from what’s available in the live classes?

The same material is covered. In fact, the same slides are used. The advantage of the recordings is that you can watch them as many times as you want; you can watch them fast or slow, or rewind. What I think is very valuable with the live, traditional, faculty-led classes is that you also get the asides, nuances, and examples that always crop up when a person is talking. Instructors in the live sessions are answering questions that pop up, they may add in performance-enhancing tips, and given the personalities of our faculty, some jokes are often sprinkled in.

Besides All Access Pass, how else can I get live training?

All Access Pass is the only way to access our live or live-streamed training. It really pulls together the best of what we have to offer—it’s our most comprehensive training option to date. We’re proud of All Access Pass because we believe it’ll enhance and enrich the training experience for all of our students.

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Suzanne Riss is an author and Director of Communications at Knopman Marks Financial Training. Previously the award-winning Editor-in-Chief of Working Mother magazine, she is a fierce advocate for issues facing working moms and an authority on work/life trends. Her expertise has been tapped in interviews by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, the Today Show, and CNN. Suzanne's third book, Work Disrupted, published by Wiley, was released in January 2021.