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Need a Study Plan for Your FINRA Exam?

Introducing Knopman Marks Action Plans

A new tool to monitor your progress and help you study smarter.

Our new Action Plans are customized for each course, laying out the best ways to tackle the content and the materials. We know that studying for FINRA exams can be overwhelming to some—so our Action Plans make it easy to see how far you’ve come, how much you’ve accomplished, and what’s left to learn.

How to Access the Action Plan

You can easily access the Action Plan for your course by clicking on the tile at the top of your Training Center. Review it as often as you need to. Scan the steps and get to work with a clear strategy.

Launch Action Plan

How to Use the Action Plan

The Action Plan outlines steps, such as:

  • Inputting your test date
  • Taking an assessment test
  • Reading the textbook
  • Taking practice exams
  • Watching video lectures
  • Attending live classes
  • Reviewing supplements
  • Reviewing flashcards
  • Completing practice questions
  • Taking diagnostic and benchmark exams

Some items (like reading the book) you’ll be able to mark complete on your own. And some items (like watching videos) will update as you move through the coursework or complete steps in the Training Center.

How to Judge My Progress

The Action Plan is not an assessment of how likely you are to pass your exam. It is a measure of how much of the recommended coursework you have completed. Your plan will also include insights from your instructor on what you should be scoring on your practice exams at various stages. Our instructors are also available to assess your readiness as you approach your exam date.

Your manager will be able to see and track some of the progress you’re making in your Action Plan as well.

Want Even More Tips?

You can download an expanded version of the Action Plan by clicking open the tile in your Training Center and then clicking “download” at the top of the list.

Expanded Action Plan

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