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With Thanks to You

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, the team at Knopman Marks sends our thanks to you – the best customers a business could want!

We thank you for making our 26th year of business our most succesful yet. We are especially grateful to you for:

  • Trusting us to partner with you in delivering your high stakes training programs;
  • Introducing us to exam candidates that inspire us to be our best;
  • Supporting our training methodology so that we can deliver the best pass rates on Wall Street; and
  • Sharing feedback so that we can continually improve our services.

Working with you is a privilege we do not take for granted.

Some Turkey Day Facts

Since we are in the business of delivering pertinent information when you need it, here are some “must know” Thanksgiving facts to share:

  1. The original Thanksgiving was a three-day feast in 1621 between 50 Pilgrim Fathers and about 90 native Americans in celebration of a bountiful harvest.
  1. George Washington proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving Day, held on November 26, 1789.
  1. Thanksgiving was celebrated sporadically until 1863 when Abraham Lincoln declared it an annual holiday on the last Thursday in November.
  1. More food is eaten in the USA on Thanksgiving Day than on any other day of the year.
  1. Since 1947, it has been traditional for the US President to “pardon” a turkey before Thanksgiving to save it from the feast.
  1. Postprandial somnolescence” is the scientific name for Thanksgiving food coma (falling asleep after a heavy meal).

Happy Feasting to all, and may you enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving!  Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day with Knopman Marks.

Leigh Yanocha is an Executive Director and Head of People Strategy at Knopman Marks Financial Training. The employee projects she’s developed, including recruitment, coaching, and team building programs, have set the cultural foundation of the company. Strategic and compassionate, Leigh is constantly pursuing new ways to support the growth of the business and protect its most important resource: people. Outside of work, Leigh is honored to serve as a Board Member of the Hudson County CASA, advocating for foster children. She is also a proud mother of three.