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Celebrating a Year of Achievement!

2016 was a spectacular year for Knopman Marks.  We celebrated 25 years in business, achieved incredible results, and stretched to meet new challenges.  Our partnerships with your firms flourished, and we trained more aspiring “Wall Street legends” than ever before.

In the spirit of thanks and pride in working with the best clients a business could hope to have, we’d like to share some of our 2016 achievements.  Thanks for making last year stand out as one for the record books!

Transforming the Student Experience
Our business is exclusively about our students, and priority number one is improving their learning experience.  In 2016 we:

  • Published 16 At A Glancefiles to streamline the study process with a proven prep strategy for each Series exam
  • Offered expert study tips through our enhanced blogs and updated website content
  • Partnered with Au bon Pain to delight our students with coffee and treats during live class events
  • Enhanced our systems and instructor access to provide an easier path to help whenever it is needed

One of our proudest 2016 achievements was the launch of our brand-new exam site! Its mobile friendly interface and remediation features are receiving rave reviews and facilitating greater study efficiency.

“First Time” Pass Rates
The bottom line for a good year at Knopman Marks is whether or not our students pass on their first exam attempt. 2016 was an exceptional year for exam results, and we are thrilled to report that more than half of our graduate programs had 100% pass rates! Substantial pass rate improvements in Series 24, 66 and 79 were also notable achievements.

Knopman Marks Pass Rates

Classroom Accomplishments
Knopman Marks logged an unbelievable 4,992 classroom hours last year.  Adding two experienced instructors to our teaching staff helped us extend our reach to more students than ever before, and increased our collective Series exam prep teaching experience to more than 100 years.

We also conducted 189 graduate programs in a period of 11 weeks – and over 6,000 thousand tests were taken by these groups!

A new Series 50 was added to our line-up of study materials and results to date have been outstanding.



With every new year we challenge ourselves to being the best that we can be. We are thankful for your loyalty, and the great successes of your firms make us proud. Cheers to all for a rewarding 2017!

A visionary in the financial education and training industry who believes business growth must be tech-forward but human first. Liza is energized by the opportunity to evolve every aspect of a company not only to keep up, but to lead the way in employee engagement, digital transformation, intentional UX and design, and thoughtful client experiences. Her leadership style is rooted in the relationship between success and joy, and she is passionate about inspiring everyone, especially young women, to find success and fulfillment in the financial industry.