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Welcome to Wall street New Hires

Welcome to the Street’s New Hires

It’s that time of year again. Recent college and graduate students are arriving in NYC to begin illustrious Wall Street careers as Analysts and Associates. The program rituals are underway, and if you are one of the elite candidates, Knopman Marks extends a warm welcome. We take our role in your growth and development very seriously, and look forward to our partnership in your exam prep process.

Below are 6 reflections from our 25 years of history with these programs:

  1. You are joining the best industry there is.  Our business changes lives and destinies, and your role is without limits– as cliché as that sounds, ask around.  There is no business like this one, and you are fortunate to have a great start on a remarkable future.
  2. You will need to roll up your sleeves and pay your dues.  You will be challenged with new assignments and long hours. Some of your assignments might seem boring — even beneath your skill set — but no matter what the career, there is a price to pay.  Make a commitment. When you look back you’ll see it was worth it.
  3. Don’t expect every day to be great.  Some days will be exhilarating, but there will be others that aren’t.  A wise person once told me two things I’ve never forgotten:  It’s normal to regularly question a career choice for the first six months.  If after the first six months you like your job more than 50% of the time, you are feeling more fulfilled than most workers in America!  Set reasonable expectations, and they will be surpassed.
  4. You are critical to your firm’s growth. Since the 2009 recession, competition for people with your talents is more intense than ever. You are the future leadership of your firm, and your firm is committed to your success.
  5. You will gain extraordinary exposure to top talent.  Never underestimate the value of a chance conversation in an elevator, in the hall, or in the throes of a project. As the saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a first impression”.  Don’t let down your guard.
  6. Finally, don’t forget your superior college study habits too soon.  Your FINRA exams will demand focus and should not be underestimated.  Knopman Marks as your partner will provide you with winning study strategies and classes that will give you every opportunity for success.  Follow the plan and you’ll get the exams out of the way as painlessly as possible.

We at Knopman Marks are proud to partner with you and your firms in this critical career step. Best wishes and good luck!





Leigh Yanocha is an Executive Director and Head of People Strategy at Knopman Marks Financial Training. The employee projects she’s developed, including recruitment, coaching, and team building programs, have set the cultural foundation of the company. Strategic and compassionate, Leigh is constantly pursuing new ways to support the growth of the business and protect its most important resource: people. Outside of work, Leigh is honored to serve as a Board Member of the Hudson County CASA, advocating for foster children. She is also a proud mother of three.