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Road Ahead

The Series 24 Exam: A Challenging Road Ahead.

Many of the FINRA qualification examinations present test candidates with various challenges, ranging from adopting effective methods to retain very technical and detailed material, to simply finding the time to learn the necessary information that will be essential to passing the test.


Among the many FINRA examinations that present unique challenges to individuals is the Series 24 examination: the General Securities Principal Examination.   This test covers a very broad range of technical information, based on United States securities laws, SEC and FINRA rules and regulations.


Topics which are particularly relevant are the rules and regulations governing Investment Banking activities and Trading & Market Making.   The test also covers general customer account regulations and procedures, as well as the financial obligations which all broker-dealers are required to comply with.


Individuals whose position includes supervisory responsibility may be required to carry this license.   But not to fret, there is help out there.  Here at Knopman Financial Training, we are in a perfect position to help you navigate the tricky terrain which is the Series 24 exam.   We offer a comprehensive study package which includes a text book, access to thousands of online practice tests, as well as an On Demand study program.  Additionally, to help you leverage our deep knowledge base, we invite you to attend our live class, which will literally put you in the same room as the experts, our team of dedicated instructors who make it their mission to work with students who need to pass their exams, and who will be at your side throughout the entire study process.


We understand the many challenges that people in today’s working climate face every day.  If and when the time arrives that you are asked to take the Series 24 exam…let the initial shock pass, and then contact us here at Knopman Financial Training.  Let us partner with you and make the road to success as pleasant and enjoyable as only we know how to do it.


Thanks for reading, and best of luck on your journey!