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Series 99: Operations Professional Exam Training

The Series 99 Exam is required of individuals who participate in the Operations functions of a Broker Dealer, as defined by FINRA Rule 1230.

Course Includes:

  • Series 99 Textbook (Physical & Electronic Versions)
  • Online & Printable Practice Exams
  • 5+ hrs of Video Lectures 
  • Digital Flashcards
  • Mobile App for offline training (iPhone & iPad)
  • Downloadable Class Supplements
  • Personal Instructor Support

About the Exam:

Number of Questions: 100 graded questions (plus 10 ungraded experimental questions).
Exam Structure: 1 session covering all topics. All questions are multiple choice.
Prerequisite(s): N/A
Time to Complete: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Passing Score: 68%
Recommended Study Time: 50-100 hours


Content Outline:

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"Thanks so much for everything!! I'm not surprised, Knopman is the best training place out there."

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