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Series 52: Municipal Securities Representative Exam Training

The Series 52 Exam is required by the MSRB for representatives who will engage in the selling, trading, and underwriting of municipal securities.

Course Includes:

  • Series 52 Textbook (Physical & Electronic versions)
  • Online & Printable Practice Exams
  • 3+ hrs of Video Lectures
  • Mobile App for offline training (iPhone & iPad)
  • Downloadable Class Supplements
  • Personal Instructor Support

About the Exam:

Number of Questions: 115 questions
Exam Structure: 1 session covering all topics. All questions are multiple choice
Prerequisites: None
Time to Complete: 3 hours and 30 minutes
Passing Score: 70%; 81 questions correct
Recommended Study Time: 40-50 hours

Content Outline:

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"Knopman training did an excellent job preparing me to take the exam. Over the course of the program, my scores and knowledge of the material increased tremendously."


"The great thing about the program is that it teaches you exactly what to do for the test - it is not about all the fluff material surrounding the facts, but just pure facts that will help people pass the exam."


"It was a particularly challenging test for me given it had been 14 years since my last exam! I could not have passed this exam without their help and assistance."

Andrew S.