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Essentials to Thrive: Unlocking Motivation, Productivity, and a Positive Mindset

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Essentials to Thrive

This is a brand-new offering from Knopman Marks.

Essentials to Thrive is an 8-week series of live masterclasses to help you unlock a positive mindset and do your best work, even now. Thanks to decades of training students to perform under pressure, we know the essential mindsets and tactics to help people succeed against all odds. We’re bringing the best experts, authors, and bright minds in the performance space together in our Training Center to help you learn and master the Essentials to Thrive now. 

COVID-19 is affecting us individually and as a community in a variety of ways. We're offering this series for free as a way to not just survive the crisis together, but to learn and thrive throughout the challenge. This series of masterclasses will help you excel whether you’re studying, working from home, or seeking ways to make the most of this time. 

Every week, we are going LIVE to bring you a new masterclass with advice from our faculty and partners. Because we want to provide you with the best content possible, we’ve partnered with incredible speakers and experts to curate extremely timely and relevant masterclasses. Each masterclass is full of expert insights, tips, and real, practical information that you can use to improve everything from workplace performance and your mindset to your productivity and leadership style. 

Why are we teaching Essentials to Thrive? 
We're all learning how to cope with our new normal of remote work and uncertain futures. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to stay motivated and find ways to be productive and get our best work done. 

Knopman Marks’ CEO Liza Streiff kicks off our series on Wednesday, April 8 with Session One: Get Free, Fueled & Focused: Strategies to fortify ourselves and shift perspective to get our best work done.

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  1. MOTIVATION ESSENTIALS - Get free, fueled, and focused to unleash your genius
    Liza Streiff, CEO of Knopman Marks Financial Training

  2. DIGITAL WELLBEING ESSENTIALS - Cultivate presence and focus in the age of distraction
    Giancarlo Pitocco, Founder & CEO of Purposeful Digital Wellbeing

  3. MINDSET ESSENTIALS - Propel yourself to the highest level with a leadership mindset
    Rich Bello, Founder of Arootah, The Center for Inspired Action, Co-Founder of Blue Ridge Capital

  4. NEUROSCIENCE ESSENTIALS - Understand how your brain works to perform at your best
    Dr. Michael Mannino, Director of Programs at the Institute for Data Science and Computing at the University of Miami, Peak Performance Coach

  5. CONFIDENCE ESSENTIALS - Create unshakable self-confidence to meet any challenge head-on
    Rita Kakati-Shah, Founder and CEO of Uma

  6. CAREER ESSENTIALS - Build your professional persona as if it were a world-famous brand
    Leyland Streiff, General Manager of Heat & Deloitte Digital 

  7. SUCCESS ESSENTIALS - Let go of the myth of work-life balance; create an integrated and fulfilling life
    Bernadette McBurnie, Success Coach, Founder of Women’s Academy

  8. HAPPINESS ESSENTIALS - Dive into the practices and techniques proven to increase your bliss
    Dave Meshkov, Managing Director, Head of Course Design at Knopman Marks Financial Training 

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Essentials to Thrive is free to access. Simply add to cart, create a free Knopman Marks account, complete the checkout (no payment necessary), and access the Training Center for materials whenever it suits you best. 


What a great program!  It was so inspirational and meaningful.  Liza was amazing.  She was so personal with her stories.  She broke it down to the simplest understanding. Really thought the whole “what you can control bit” was great.  I had it on speaker and my wife was even listening a bit.  

Tom, compliance role

Her tips were scalable and actionable and so, so, so timely for what we are facing right now. She honestly got me thinking about what changes (little and big) I should make to improve personally and professionally. 

This was a great use of my time, please include me in any others that you have upcoming!


Christa, marketing manager

Love this whole series! It makes me want to work for Knopman Marks. I took Series 7 and 63 training with Knopman. After hearing this masterclass series was being released, I tuned in. It's clear Knopman is focusing on what the future can be and that you have been developing your employees to succeed in the face of any challenges. Thanks again.

Nick R.

A lot of working mothers are struggling with a martyrdom mentality right now during the COVID-19 quarantine. This webinar really helped empower me to prioritize my growth and well-being throughout this demanding time. Thank you!

Mary Kate