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Discover the Knopman Marks Essentials to Thrive approach to help you unlock a positive mindset and incorporate high-performance habits into your work and life.

You know us for our top-flight test prep. Essentials to Thrive is a brand-new offering from Knopman Marks.

This 8-week series of pre-recorded, live masterclasses is available for a limited time as a free offering. To provide the best content possible, we've partnered with experts in neuroscience, leadership training, brand building, high performance, and more, to help you master the Essentials to Thrive. Their insights, tips, and real-life, practical information will help you improve everything from workplace performance and productivity to your self-confidence.

Why are we teaching Essentials to Thrive? 

Thanks to decades of training students to perform under pressure, we know the essential mindsets and tactics to help people succeed against all odds. As we all adapt to our new normal of hybrid and remote work, it’s crucial to stay motivated, find ways to boost productivity and get our best work done. 

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Essentials to Thrive is free to access. Simply add to cart, create a free Knopman Marks account, complete the checkout (no payment necessary), and access the Training Center for materials whenever it suits you best. 

Essentials to Thrive Course
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What’s Included
Our comprehensive course includes:
Access to our Knopman Marks Training Center
Access to recordings of all masterclasses
Links to the best performance resources on the web
Worksheets and other materials
Demo the training center

Take a test drive of our Training Center--the place for all your course materials, recorded videos, and worksheets. Here’s where you’ll also find more about our curriculum and all the links to live lectures.

Essentials to Thrive Course Course Curriculum
Lesson 1
Motivation Essentials: Get Free, Fueled, and Focused to Unleash Your Genius
Lesson 2
Digital Wellbeing Essentials: Cultivate presence and focus in the age of distraction
Lesson 3
Mindset Essentials: Propel yourself to the highest level with a leadership mindset
Lesson 4
Neuroscience Essentials: Understand how your brain works to perform at your best
Lesson 5
Confidence Essentials – Create unshakable self-confidence to meet any challenge head-on
Lesson 6
Career Essentials – Build your professional persona as if it were a world-famous brand
Lesson 7
Success Essentials – Let go of the myth of work-life balance; create an integrated and fulfilling life
Lesson 8
Happiness Essentials – Dive into the practices and techniques proven to increase your bliss
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compliance role
”What a great program! It was so inspirational and meaningful. Liza was amazing. She was so personal with her stories. She broke it down to the simplest understanding. Really thought the whole “what you can control bit” was great. I had it on speaker and my wife was even listening a bit. ”
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Essentials to Thrive FAQ
Is there a test?

There are no tests with this “course.” Instead, Essentials to Thrive is a self-guided series where we bring you specialized performance-training content and information. You can learn as you go and rewatch lectures or repeat the exercises that are most valuable to you.

What will I learn from this course?

This course is built for financial professionals and anyone who wants to learn:

  • How to develop a better relationship with technology
  • How to be a better contributor and creator
  • How to be more persuasive and inspiring
  • How to cultivate confidence and bravery
  • How to trigger “flow state” while boosting productivity
  • How to develop a growth mindset and address failure
  • How to stay calm in crisis and lead in a time of uncertainty
Can I register if I am not associated with a firm?

Yes, our Essentials to Thrive series of masterclasses is open to anyone whether you’re studying, working from home, or seeking motivation.

Do I need to be registered with Knopman Marks materials in order to register for ETT?

No, this series is open to the public for anyone to promote a healthy mindset and to help you do your best work.

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