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The New Knopman Marks Experience

Here at Knopman Marks, we’ve been working hard to create a learning experience that inspires. The goal was simple: delight our students beyond their expectations. We challenged ourselves to build a website that motivates students to own the process, and empowers them with every tool they need to succeed.

We overhauled our product structure, packed extra value into every component, and laid it all out in an intuitive platform. Every thought-out resource is now available in one place, accessible from any device, and woven together with our proven guidance. We can’t wait to show you around.

A few features we are especially excited about:

Comprehensive Training Packages
Comprehensive Training

Everything you need to prepare is available in one sleek package. Our simple package structure allows us to deliver exceptional training, content, and service—to every student, every time.

Intuitive UX and Responsive Design

Intuitive UX and Responsive Design

Our new design makes online training clear and accessible across all your devices. We are with you wherever and whenever you need us.

An All-New KM Training Center

An all-new KM Training Center

Access our proven process through our innovative Training Center, which keeps all your lessons and materials organized in one spot. Ready to jump from watching video lectures to taking practice exams? Now it’s a snap to access all our platforms with one single login.

Courses Curated with Care

Courses Curated with Care

All courses are self-paced and designed to put our students in the driver’s seat of their own success. Accurate and flexible content is at the fingertips of every student, along with thoughtful guidance to deliver the first-time passing results you expect. We are led by our years of experience, but continually challenge ourselves to find better ways to deliver training that meets the needs of our savvy students. We’ve combined shorter, more digestible video lectures, digital flashcards, electronic textbooks, and guided lesson plans into a beautiful and complete learning experience.

Streamlined Enrollments and Administration
Streamlined Enrollments and Administration

Whether you are ordering for yourself or for your team, our re-designed enrollment process guides you from start to finish with ease. With fewer steps to complete, you and your colleagues can start training more quickly than ever.

A visionary in the financial education and training industry who believes business growth must be tech-forward but human first. Liza is energized by the opportunity to evolve every aspect of a company not only to keep up, but to lead the way in employee engagement, digital transformation, intentional UX and design, and thoughtful client experiences. Her leadership style is rooted in the relationship between success and joy, and she is passionate about inspiring everyone, especially young women, to find success and fulfillment in the financial industry.